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Annalee Schorr

My paintings, photographs and installations challenge viewers to look beyond the surface of the visual world. I examine social aspects of American culture, then probe the realities - pleasant or troublesome - that underlie the facades our culture presents to the world. Grids and pattern form a constant in my varied works.

The paintings mix chaos and structure. Glossy surfaces often hide many layers of obliterated pattern, text and subliminal scribbles. Careful geometry ties these important elements together.

Although I don't call myself a photographer, I often use photography in major projects. I photograph images on my TV screen, or homeless people on street corners -- so that these fleeting impressions, often ignored or deliberately tuned out, can be thoughtfully examined.

Installation work has included walls covered floor-to-ceiling with photos of images from TV, or an entire gallery filled with bundles of shiny Mylar. I have Velcroed graham crackers to walls, and strung mysterious yarn triangles between gallery ceilings, floors, and walls.

Collectors of my works include the Denver Art Museum, University of Wyoming Art Museum, Southern Utah State College, Littleton Hospital (Colorado), and such corporations as Qwest and Jones Intercable.

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